Terms for each person are scheduled to complete on June 30 of the year following their name

Church Council – Voting Members

 Administrative Pathways    
Kim McWatters (2024)
Administrative Council Chair    

Scot Stetka (2025)
 Lay Leader/Member
Emily Ilyas (2023)

Glenn Moorhead (2023)
Financial Secretary

 Tom Good (2023)
 Staff Parish Relations Committee

 Mark Hufford (2023)
Finance Committee

Jenn Fisher (2024)

Ministry Pathways

Debbie McCauley (2024) &  Sue Good (2024)
Missions Co-Leaders
Arlene Rockwell (2024)
Outreach Leader

Debbie Christie (2025)
Spiritual Nurture & Growth
 Ivan Turner (2023)
Discipleship/Small Groups

Ruthann Turner

Finance/Stewardship Committee

Mark Hufford (2023) – Chair
Emily Ilyas (2023) – Treasurer
Vivian Turner (2024)
Ruthann Turner (Pastor)
Glenn Moorhead (2023) – Financial Secretary
Tom Good (SPRC Rep)
Scot Stetka (Lay Leader)

Stewardship Team
Emily Ilyas
Mark Hufford
Glenn Moorhead
Board of Trustees/Facilities Committee

Jenn Fisher (2024) – Chair (elected within Trustees)          
Bruce Martins (2024)  
Jim Ford (2023)          
Deb Holloway (2023)
Michael Zhu (2024)
Tom Voytek (2023)
Ruthann Turner (Pastor)
Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
Tom Good (2023) – Chair

Teri Ford (2023)
Natalie Outslay (2025)
 Dave Fisher (2025)
Kendrea Hufford (2025)
 Ruthann Turner (Pastor)
Kim McWatters (Lay Leader)   

Safe Team Members Include:
The Spiritual Nurture & Growth Chair Youth Ministry representative, SPRC Chair or Lay Leader, Trustees Chair or representative, Pastor
Leadership Development& Nominations
Ruthann Turner (Pastor) – Chair
Tom Good (2023)
Ivan Turner (2023)
 Jenn Fisher (2024)
 Mark Hufford (2023)  
Ivan Turner (2023)
Kim McWatters (2024)
Scot Stetka (2025)

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

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