Reconciling (LGBTQ+) Ministries

Skyline is a progressive Church where all people are truly welcome, including many who are typically shunned in other churches.  We celebrate God’s gift of diversity and value the wholeness made possible in community equally shared and shepherded by all. We welcome and affirm people of every gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, who are also of every age, race, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, level of education, and family structure, and of every economic, immigration, marital, and social status, and so much more. We acknowledge that we live in a world of profound social, economic, and political inequities.

As followers of Jesus, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice and pledge to stand in solidarity with all who are marginalized and oppressed.

Skyline Church is a Reconciling Ministries Network congregation, which means that we declare ourselves to be open and affirming.
  • A history of welcoming LGBTQ+ individuals to fully participate in the ministries of the church
  • A Mission Statement that welcomes all regardless of sexual orientation
  • Desires to be a faithful church for the entire community
  • Shares Reconciling Ministries Network’s goal to change denominational policies banning same sex marriages and the ordination of LGBTQ+ persons
  • Participates in Peninsula-Delaware Conference meetings and events on how to address denominational issues 
  • Attends national conferences and meetings to represent Skyline and the Pen-Del Conference, e.g., UMC Next and Our Movement Forward

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Full Book of Discipline Statements
Currently our United Methodist doctrine states that homosexuality is not compatible with Christian teaching, so while LGBTQ+ persons can join this United Methodist church, they cannot be ordained or married in the church.
Reconciling Ministries
Click Here to become a reconciling individual.  This pledge states that you choose to join the witness of United Methodists who welcome people of all sexual orientations, and gender identities into the full life of the church.
UMC Next
Q Christian Fellowship