COvid-19 updates

Update Wed 2/13/2022

The Ad Council met on Wed 2/13/2022, where we discussed the safety of gathering for worship during this current Covid surge of infections.  We came to consensus to resume hybrid worship  (i.e. in person and on Zoom.).

We will follow the current Governor guidelines that require indoor masks at all times and adhere to distancing as best is possible.  We do want to stress that zoom worship remains available for those who are unwell, or are at greater risk  and need the safety of worshiping at home.

It is my hope that once this current surge begins to diminish, we will also be able to return to our practice of being able to remove our mask once we arrive at our seats. We will be following the data closely, along with adhering to the Governor’s recommendations.
Thank you to our Sound Team and Band for their commitment to offering worship in the Sanctuary.

We trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to keep us safe and connected!  
Pastor Ruthann

  • Discovery time for kids age1st grade - 8th grade is offered in the building , zoom when needed and also do hybrid.
  • Contact the office at with building requests or questions.